The first month . . .


Where to begin? I can’t believe it’s been over two months since my little Evangeline came into Eric’s and my life. Before her birth, I had planned on doing a weekly update about life with a newborn. I figured I could do all things while she was sleeping. Little did I know how naive I […]

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Evie’s Birth Story


It’s been a while since I posted. As per usual. You know how it is, you get busy with one thing or another, promising yourself to sit down and blog, carve out that special time. As I have discovered, it’s kind of hard to do now a days. Why? Well, I’m either 45+ weeks pregnant […]

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Pregnancy Week 35


Holy cow. It’s been a while since I last posted. Time has gone by so fast and now I’m closing in on 40 weeks. Aaaaah! Between baby showers, family issues, looking for a new job and just plain existing, I haven’t had the chance to post. That and I’ve been lazy. I wake up with […]

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Pregnancy Week 29+30


Hey! Hope the 1st week of the the New Year is treating you all well. I still can’t believe we are in 2015 and closing in on the middle of January. Gah! Thinking about everything that needs to be done before the baby gets here wears me out. Get the nursery cleaned, set up nursery, […]

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Hit the 26 week mark + Gender Reveal


I sit down at the computer with the intention to write a blog post on lunch break or at home on the couch, but things just keep getting in the way. Even though we are no longer manufacturing at work, we still have a lot of old paper work to get through, by which I […]

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