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 Running and me


 I have never considered myself to be a runner. In fact, I HATED it.  Ever since I was a small girl I hated being forced to run. Sure, I chased my cousins in various games and forms of tag. That was fun. Running by myself in order to get to a finish line, was not. I was one of those kids that rather walk the track in P.E.

Being blessed with pigeon feet didn’t help my relationship with running either.  They turn inward due to my awesome hips, and for the longest time, I was literally tripping over my own feet. There was even talk about hip surgery to correct my legs, but by that time the idea had come up, I was in 8th grade and my mom said heck no. The doctor then recommended I do certain exercises to keep my legs from constantly turning in, which I did do and he also recommended running. To that I said heck no.

Years later and running indoors on the treadmill to burn calories, I still never really enjoyed running. It was just something I had to to to keep the weight off and keep my legs aligned correctly.

Then one day, my grandfather in law asked us if we wanted to do a race together. We said sure, signed up and I began training for it.  We did Big Sur 9 miler in April of 2011. We walked the entire thing and it was one of the funnest experiences of my life.

I wanted more.

So I signed up for a 10k and redid the Couch 2 10k to prepare for it. I had one goal in mind: prove to myself that I can run and finish the race.

To be honest, some of the training sucked. It was painful, I learned a lot about injuries, foam rolling, stretching and sometimes I woke up loathing the idea of having to log in miles. But with each mile logged, with the time whittling down, I saw improvements and that’s what kept me going. I loved seeing myself progressing.

My outlook on running began to change and I found myself not loathing the minutes, but instead, enjoying them. I also liked losing myself in the run itself. Sometimes I’d  have my four legged running buddy with me and other times I’m by myself, but in any case I enjoyed being outside.

Since that first race  I have done a handful of more and that finish line has never looked sweeter.


Upcoming Races:

The San Francisco Marathon 7/27/2014



Race Recaps

Here are some recaps of the races I have done over the years.

**notes PR for distance



Livermore 1/2 Marathon  March

Big Sur 9 Miler April **

The Ave 1/2 Marathon May **

Zombie Runner 1/2 Marathon Trail Race May




Coyote Hills 10k  January

408k  March

Badger Cove 1/2 Marathon  March

Big Sur 9 Miler April

Rock N Roll San Francisco 1/2 Marathon April

The Ave 1/2 Marathon May

Jungle Run 1/2 Marathon July

Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2 Marathon October

California International Marathon December




Hellyer 10k March

408k  March (no recap)

Big Sur 9 miler  April

Earthquake Challenge 10k  May **

Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2 Marathon  (my first) October

Eric’s RnRSJ 1/2 Recap **

Big Sur 1/2 Marathon November



Big Sur 9 miler   April

Jungle Run 10k  July




Hiking Upper Yosemite Falls


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