Marathon training recaps and life changes. . .


Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Did you all survive the holiday weekend? We did. Barely. Eric and I got hit with a nasty case of stomach bug or food poisoning yesterday and we were both down for the count ALL day Sunday. Lando kept us company. I was supposed to do my last long run yesterday, […]

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SFM Training Week 5


So Week 5 is done and, to be honest, it couldn’t come at a better time. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I am soo happy about cut back in mileage this week as there are a lot of things happening (Father’s Day, Father’s birthday, art show, etc.) but enough about that. Let’s take a […]

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Brain Dump


Bear with me. This is going to be scattered thoughts of my training and running. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why I have just been physically feeling so slow. I’ve been trying to mimic what I did before in my last training cycle. I’ve been trying to do speed work, but then […]

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SFM Training Week 4


So, Sunday ended Week 4 of marathon training. ¼ of the way through training which is kind of scary to me. I have one more week of high mileage (planning 18-20 on Saturday) before drop back and build up again.   But let’s talk about this past week. Monday Rest Memorial day. I ended up […]

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Zombie Runner San Francisco Half Marathon Race Recap 2014


So back on Saturday, May 24, I ran the Zombie Runner Half marathon up in San Francisco. It was an out and back trail run that started in the Little Marina Green area, went through Crissy Field, up and under the Golden Gate to the Battery area and all the way to view the Cliff […]

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SFM Training Week 2 and 3


Holy heck, it’s been a while. Last time I posted about running was way back in the beginning of March and I recapped my week 1. I just closed out week 4 of training and got 8 more weeks to go until SFM. Wow. Honestly, I don’t know where time goes. The majority of my […]

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PetBox Review


PetBox recently contacted me about checking out their subscription box and sent it over for my little fur kids to check out. PetBox is a monthly delivery service for BOTH dogs and cats  They focus on sending out a “selection of premium toys, treats and accessories”. When signing up, you fill out a pet profile […]

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SFM Training + Week 1 Recap


Yes, you read that right. SFM Training. As in THE San Francisco Marathon. Training. July 27. This year. Obviously, I signed up. I’m training. And I’m scared as hell. Nothing like a little bit of fear factor to get you moving and working, right? At the beginning of the year I knew I wanted to […]

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Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon Recap


Over the weekend I went up to Humboldt County to run the Ave 1/2 for the second year in a row. Last year I ran it with my little sister Victoria while my older sister Maria ran the 10k. This year, all three of us were supposed to do the 1/2 but Maria was still […]

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Big Sur 9 Miler Race Recap


Sunday was my second race of the year. The Big Sur 9 miler, just one of the five events that they do on marathon day. Usually, this race is a family event with my grandpa in law Marv and husband Eric walking the entire 9 miles from the start line in Carmel, through Point Lobos […]

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