Pregnancy Week 35

by Mexigarian on February 12, 2015

Holy cow. It’s been a while since I last posted. Time has gone by so fast and now I’m closing in on 40 weeks. Aaaaah! Between baby showers, family issues, looking for a new job and just plain existing, I haven’t had the chance to post. That and I’ve been lazy. I wake up with my task list and by the end of the day, blogging has been pushed back yet again.

Eric and I took a quick trip to Santa Barbara and that, my friends started the achiness, in my body. Long road trips no go after 32 weeks. We stayed active and had a great time exploring the town.


I love this picture.


Hard to peddle with a bump in the way.



After the trip I noticed some weird crampiness and went to my OB office when I found out I had a UTI. –sigh- Went on antibiotics for a week and assuming it went away. I hope. The Weekend getaway was definitely needed as it was nice to just get away from it all at home. Granted we had reality to get back to once home but little vacations like that are perfect. I know it’s going to be hard to do things like that when the little squash arrives.

Speaking of which, here’s the usual round up of questions and answers.

How far along are you? Currently, 35 weeks 3 days. Baby is the size of a honeydew melon.



The above shots were when I was 32 weeks along.


Above is 33/34 weeks.

Total weight gain: Ugh. I haven’t checked since last appointment where I gained 7lbs in 2 weeks. Let’s just say my mind was not happy.

Baby bump:   IMG_8046

I can barely squeeze into my running jacket. I officially cannot fit into my running pants or shorts (except one) and it’s getting difficult to decide what to wear besides yoga pants, maxi skirts and dresses. The maternity jeans still work, it’s just I’m far more comfy in the free flowing stuff.

Aaaaaaand I had to cave and get new bras. Only 2 since I’ll probably have to get some nursing bras later, but man, the difference helps. I need to get more sports bras since the ones I currently have are crushing me.

Sleep: Up once or twice a night to pee and it takes me a while to get comfy but maybe 6-7 hours a night?

Movement: More like rolls and slithers. The kick punching is dwindling down as she grows and has less room to shake her thang, so it looks like some sort of creature moving under a sand dune. Tremors anyone?

How have your workouts been? Water aerobics, yoga and walking. Cycling hurts. The saddle does not love me. I’ll have to get back to it after she’s born and only once I get medically cleared.


Food Cravings: Nothing. Nada. Zip. Honestly, my cravings have all vanished and I’m like ‘meh’ when it comes to food.

But then again I had this sucker the other night:


I only ate a quarter of it before I got full. Eric ended up eating the rest later on in the week.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing at this time I guess.

Stretch marks: I have spotted a few light ones. Been rubbing lotion on it, but we all know the marks are genetic. If your mama or papa have them, chances are you’ll be getting them to. Thanks parents!

I’m also still an innie if you would like to know.

How have you been feeling: Tired. Achy. Past week and a half I have been getting some weird sensations on my right side of my abdomen. One if under the bra line, closer to the center of my body near the ribs. Dull ache that can go away or get all stabby like. Some other dull and stabby feelings in the back side near my kidney and in front. I went into for blood work this week just to be sure it’s not some sort of hypertension issue or problems with my gallbladder or liver. Crossing my fingers it’s just the kid sticking her feet in my organs and pressing on them. I’ve got another appt with my OB this week so we shall see what the results are.

Best moment so far: Baby showers! Got to see family and friends for my baby shower (theme was twinkle little star and lambs) and my sisters baby shower just this past weekend (woodland theme).



From mine above.

Sisters below.



Above photo is well after the shower and we’re all exhausted and some decorations have been taken down.

Our little sister organized and planned both showers and with help from my mom, in laws and family, managed to set things up and throw some lovely parties.

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting our little girl in a month’s time. Weekly appointments start next week. I don’t plan on being checked or anything and just let labor come on it’s on time. Whenever she’s ready. I just want her to stay in there until after 39 weeks, but she’ll make her appearance when she wants.

Eric was 17 days early. I was right on time. I wonder what she’ll be.

My sister is due a few days after me so the family is placing bets who will deliver first.

Anything else: Nope.

Hope everyone is doing well. I know I should post more with things other than pregnancy, but honestly, nothing much else is going on. I do plan on working on the nursery this weekend. It’s been a mess.


Part of the insanity.

So a lot of house cleaning planned for the weekend along with walking and yoga.

Tell me, how are things with you? Anyone get Presidents Day off? Any fun plans?

Hope you have a great remainder of your week!

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