Pregnancy Week 29+30

by Mexigarian on January 9, 2015


Hey! Hope the 1st week of the the New Year is treating you all well. I still can’t believe we are in 2015 and closing in on the middle of January. Gah! Thinking about everything that needs to be done before the baby gets here wears me out.

Get the nursery cleaned, set up nursery, move studio to garage, clear garage area for studio, clean my side of the office, wash all the baby clothes/diapers etc., read baby books, write on novel. . .  the list seems endless.

Yep, worn out.


Lando resting on my shoes after a long walk over the weekend. He’s been getting more walks now and loves it. Best four legged walking buddy ever. I hope to keep the walks happening with him once the bambino gets here.

Speaking of which. Update time.

How far along are you? 30+5 days

Total weight gain: 22-24lbs? Not sure. I’ve been avoiding the scale.

Baby bump:  Butternut squash. 17 inches, 3lbs. 

IMG_7836                  IMG_7844

I have really got to clean my bathroom mirror. . . and tone my arms. Lol.

Sleep: Still with the twice nightly wake ups. Now I’ve been getting up to go to the bathroom for one of them. The other one I just pop awake for no reason and then have to force myself back to sleep.

Movement: Still moving in there. Thank Goddess. sometimes she freaks me out when she doesn’t move for a while. I’m kick counting ( feel 10 kicks/movements within 2 hours) and when she doesn’t hit 10, I’m look, oh no, what’s wrong?? There were a couple days where she was pretty slow going but now she’s back at it. Feeling her move is great for my peace of mind and it’s fun trying to figure out where she’s positioning herself. I honestly have no idea if what I poke is her head, her butt or some limb.

Last week she loved hanging out on the left side of my belly. This week she has taken up residence on the right side and seems to fancy herself the xylophonist playing on my ribs.

Best moment thus far: Feeling her move is always great. Especially when she responds to Eric’s voice.

How have your workouts been? Still be doing the whole water aerobics, prenatal yoga and walking spiel. I’ve managed to get some running intervals too in there, but very minimal. My IT band and hip, especially on my right, do not like them movements.

I had a huge boost in energy on Sunday and managed 5 miles. Like, that’s a lot. Generally, it’s been 2 to 3 miles, but I was rearing to go for those 5. Granted, I conked out in the afternoon (after yoga), but damn it felt good.


It’s boggling to think I was doing 10ks as base workouts and loving 1/2 marathon trail runs, and now 2 miles wears me the eff out.  I know it will come back after my body readjusts, but damn, I am itching for some trail running!!

I brought out my BIA the other day to use for my walk and the last workout on it was this:


Damn, I hope to get to that 12:30 mm again. That was my last training run before SFM and I was feeling horrible. Hindsight and all that jazz. I promise I will try not to complain about my runs when I get back to marathon training. Mostly.

Food Cravings: Still loving the spicy. And mustard. And the other day I NEEDED some Hungarian salami. And I’ve been wanting tuna. I have some albacore in the pantry, but I keep reading chunk light is better to eat, so I’ll have to get a small can of that to satisfy my craving for the mercury laden fish. Yum.

My madre insists I indulge my cravings because apparently if you don’t, the baby comes out looking like that food craving. Soooo baby could possibly look like Hungarian Salami and tuna salad.



I’ve been keeping up with the healthy eating along with some indulgences, trying to get enough protein, calcium and fiber for my body. I’m balancing the 90% healthy with the 10% junk. Or at least trying too. My brother gave me a box of mochi ice cream which I have been attacking.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Poultry still wins this. Slather the chicken in some sauce, mask it with spicyness and I’m good. Give it to me plain, baked and looking like a breast and I want to upchuck.

Gender:  Girl. I got a boatload of girly pink clothes from my mother in law. Not ALL pink, but a fair amount.

I had a funny though the other day. What if the baby turned out to be a boy? (not really a possibility since it was like 99% confirmed girl) We don’t even have a boy named picked out. We discussed a few for possible future boys, but haven’t settled really. I’d be stressed to decide on a name.

Symptoms: Hips. IT band. Same issue. Same story. Rolling, sticking and stretching. Stuffy/bloody nose and pregnancy brain. My memory is that of a goldfish right now.

How have you been feeling: Feeling pretty good actually. I did have a ‘holy shit, I know nothing about birthing a baby’ moment and freaked a bit. Then I got some childbirth books and just started my birth prep class at my delivery hospital and I’m feeling okay. Still debating about a doula, but Eric says we’ve got this and is reading one of the books I had ordered on natural/unmedicated childbirth and how to be a good labor buddy/support/punching bag.

Mentally, I’m chilling out with the changes now. We’ll see how I feel when I get bigger as the uterus hijacker grows even more.


I do have my worry wort moments. Like, I hope I’m not leaking water/amniotic fluid. I hope the running intervals didn’t tangle her in the umbilical cord. How will I know I’m having real contractions versus Braxton Hicks? Ah. Soooo many worries.

And now as I write this, she’s stabbing me under my belly button. I’m pretty sure she chipped off a piece of my rib and whittled it into a shank. Ouch.

What I’m looking forward to: Little vacay with Eric. We haven’t been on a vacation with just the two of us for a LONG time. And my baby shower at the end of the month. Looking forward to seeing friends and family.

Anything else: Nope.

So there’s the update. 10 weeks to go until the 40 week mark. Praying she stays in there until at least 39. Ack. Can you believe it? 10 weeks??? My mind just exploded.

Have a good one!

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Thu January 9, 2015 at 8:34 pm

Even if you think you know nothing about delivering a baby, you kinda actually do. Your body knows more than you think 🙂


Mexigarian February 12, 2015 at 10:05 pm

I sure hope so. haha. I’m just hoping the primal birthing instincts kick in and help me along.


Jane January 9, 2015 at 9:12 pm

10 more weeks! Oh baby! You seem to be doing great which I am so happy to hear! It will all get done and then you will be on to your next adventure.


Mexigarian February 12, 2015 at 10:05 pm

thank you 🙂 having a baby is going to be an freaking scary but awesome adventure in of its own.


Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) January 18, 2015 at 4:26 pm

I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy seems to be going. It sounds like everything is good, and everything you mentioned about a long list, not feeling prepared for labor, it all sounds very normal from what I’ve read. 😉


Mexigarian February 12, 2015 at 10:04 pm

It does seem to be going pretty fast. Though I’ve heard people say the last few weeks are the longest, especially when the uncomfiness kicks in. I’m just hoping I have enough time to get some more house work done before she decides to appear.


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