There’s no sunshine when it rains

by Mexigarian on April 8, 2014

Okay April. I’m hoping you will turn out better than the last few months. We already got off to a rough start, but I’ll let that slide a bit. It’s a new week of a new month so I would hope for some positive happenings instead of the downer things happening since Jan 1.


Here’s a small recap of the happenings since I last posted. Way back when in March. Oiye. It’s been a while. Ill resume ‘normal’ posting soon as well as my Half Marathon Recap. Yes, I ran a 1/2 at the end of March.

In my last post I talked about moving forward from February. I was on the upswing/tail end of a depression I knew I was in. I knew my dark clouds, fatigue, and lethargic attitude was more mental than anything else and told myself I had to get out of it. I hate being depressed and it’s something I can so easily fall into and get stuck in. I literally had to force myself out the door to get some endorphins from working out.

So I went to my yoga studio’s open house for a second location and even went to a Zumba dance [arty back on March 8. I was feeling awesome, finally felt like I found the spark within myself again and was happily riding the feel good train until March 11 when something told me to skip the workouts I had planned after a painting session (Which I cut early) and head home.

As soon as I walked through the door, I knew something was wrong. Eric told me that Addie, my mother in laws beloved basset hound, passed away. The air in my happy balloon just fizzled out and deflated.


I knew her death was coming, she was on her second round of chemo for cancer and hadn’t been doing well. The last time I had seen her was in early February. I have her a kiss, a gentle pat on the head where her arch was more prominent than before, and when I drove away that afternoon I had a feeling it’d be the last. Knowing this didn’t soften the blow of her loss any less. For as long as I have known Eric and his family, Addie had always been there. Always. And then she was gone.IMG_1217

We went down the following weekend (Eric had to go on a business trip the following day after the news of her death) and we spent the time as a family with two crazy Aussie pups trying to fill the void of Addie’s absence. It felt so different without her there, and I know it will take some time to get used to.

On top of her death, my heart was/is still aching from Lobot’s disappearance. He still hasn’t returned home. I check the shelter sites every day and have been trying to make it to the shelter once a week.

Between then and the end of March, I restated my desire to get out of my suddenly returned funk and forced myself back to running, swimming, yoga etc. I got to see several of my girlfriends and celebrated a birthday for a good friends son. Though I admit, it was a struggle to get out the door most days, but I did and I could feel myself getting lighter and lighter in terms of mood and mentality so I continued pulling myself out to find the happy me.


I had the Livermore half marathon to look forward to at the end of March and focused on just being reasonably prepared for that. I stayed at my parents the night before the race because Eric was going to go to the Giants game Friday evening and we decided it’d be better for both of us to get a good nights sleep with me at my parents versus him coming in past midnight and waking me up and then me waking him up as I’d get ready at 5am. Make sense?

Friday afternoon I was having side pains on my right side. I briefly wondered if my appendix was acting up and worried it my go nuts on my run, but when I woke up Saturday morning there was no pain. My mom, dad and brother Oscar accompanied me to Livermore (mom actually drove) and they enjoyed breakfast while I ran the course.


I finished the race, all smiles, and we enjoyed some time at the post race festivities drinking wine etc. I texted my husband/Eric that I finished and he responded with a text to let him know when I was coming home. A half hour later or so, I go a phone call from him.

He was in the ER (drove himself over). His appendix had burst and they were going to operate soon. He was calm, logical and seemingly unafraid of the diagnosis. Cue instant freak out on my behalf and panic mode. We were 45 minutes away and all I wanted to do was be there for him.

My mom got us to the hospital in great time and she sat in the OR waiting room with me. My dad and brother went to take care of my pets at the house. Devon, my mother in law, arrived and we waited and waited for what seemed like forever. Finally the doctor came out, told us everything went well, they cleaned up all the toxins etc. An hour later they wheeled him out and we followed him to his room.

Eric spent 5 days in the hospital. I stayed the night each time and spent most of my days at his bedside [needless to say I didn’t work out all of last week]. The first night/day was the worst, but each day he progressed in getting better. It was rocky though. Fever and pain just went round and round for him until finally the fever stopped and he was cleared to go home.

He’s doing better each day. Following the doctors orders etc. Though he finds himself to be very tired after his walks or just being up and active. He’s been napping quite a bit. I ‘m just grateful that it wasn’t worse and that he’s home, healing and getting back to his old self. It will be several more weeks before he’s fully healed, but slowly but surely he’ll get there.


So that was March and the first few days of April. Granted, I accidentally destroyed a water valve pipe thing on Saturday while I was weed whacking and we were without water for a good 15 hours. Thankfully, my uncle Fred was in town Sunday and he fixed the problem. Sooo very happy to have family that’s so freaking handy. <3

With the minor hiccup of the weed whacker, April can only get better. Smile At least I hope so! Trying to stay positive and get back into the healthy eating and working out. My running shoes are calling my name and I need a good flow on the mat.

Watch out week, I’m coming for ya!

Tell me. . .

Do you ever fall into emotional or mental funks? How do you get out of them?

Ever stay overnight at a hospital? Once when I was younger and had my adenoids removed. And a second time when I stayed with my sister when she had her appendix removed.

How’s your month thus far?

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Erica { } April 9, 2014 at 1:48 pm

Girl. Dang – you have definitely had a rough few weeks! I wish there was something I could say, but there isn’t, so I’m just giving a ridiculously huge virtual hug right now.


Mexigarian April 11, 2014 at 3:20 pm

Thank you, Erica. Hug felt <3


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