March Monday

by Mexigarian on March 3, 2014


Happy first Monday of March everyone!

Hope February wasn’t too bad for you all, but to be honest, I am glad it’s done. It was a very self reflecting, sad, stressful and whole lot of other things, and I’m done with it. I’m looking forward to this new month and moving on.

I closed out February with my Mama’s birthday on Friday. Since she would smack me for posting a photo of her online, here’s a picture of her birthday brownie.


The sisters and I (Vic drove down from Nor Cal) got together and made some dinner. Mom was feeling Italian, so I was in charge of the chicken alfredo. I didn’t snag any pictures of it, but it’s from The Pioneer Woman’s recipe. It was a hit. Word of warning, there is a bit of butter/cream in the recipe but man, it’s tasty.

I woke up somewhat early on Saturday to start the new month off right and get in a long run. Though the weather had other plans. It was windy and raining and I swear the wind was growling at me. I debated a bit (1/2 an hour) whether or not to go out and run, but eventually went out and did 8 miles.

It was painfully slow and achy. My legs felt like lead. I have been doing strength training as part of a new program I am trying and all the squats and lunges make my thighs weep. Running them was hard.


The streets were covered with the spiky balls though. It made for an even dicier run with the weather. I got hit in the face my several of these suckers and nearly ran into a giant palm leaf while trying to shake off a ball that got stuck on my shoe.

Mentally I was bitching and moaning but then came across this duck as I ran through a flock of coots and regular looking fowl.


Beautiful, isn’t it? For some reason that lifted me from my funk and I continued on my merry way enjoying the rain stabbing me in the face and the sloth like crawl of my legs.

I finished though and that’s what counts.

I came home, did a whirlwind of laundry and cleaning and watched as Eric defurminated Lando.


The pile next to Eric on the floor is just a couple minutes worth of fur.


Lando loves it when Eric scratches/combs his belly.

We cleaned up, and went over the hill in the rain to visit friends who just had their baby boy. We stuck around for an hour, Eric held the baby and oooh and ahhed over him. I was asked why I didnb’t hold the baby and to be honest, babies scare me and I don’t want them to sense my fear in holding them. I will admire from a safe distance. Especially when they’re doing some Exorcist like spit up.

I didn’t get any pictures of the new baby, but here’s a picture of our family cat Milo from Friday night. He was doing some serious drooling and looked adorable doing it.


Eric and I then we headed out to downtown Santa Cruz for some food with some other friends who stopped by to baby visit. I over ate on Indian and sucked pathetically at darts, but it was a fun evening out none the less.

Sunday I woke up, did a light yoga stretch and then headed out the door for a TIU meetup. A yoga hike was put together and we met up on a rainy day in a forest in Woodside. 7 of us showed up and I had a blast.

Yoga hike is just what it sounds like. Going for a hike on a trail with a guide/instructor and at designated areas, you stop and do some yoga routines. We stopped 4 times total and climbed 1100 feet.


It may have been raining, the trail muddy and slippery, but being out in the cleansing state of nature invigorated me and helped me work though some more mental fluffiness. I got to meet other women with similar interests and was even more inspired by each of them.

Once the hike was over, I got out of my soaked sweater (really need a rain hiking jacket) and ran some errands before heading home. I meal prepped(!) and then sat on my butt to watch the Oscars. Eric joined in after a while.

I LOVED watching Bettle Middler, Pink and Idina Menzel perform. Such powerhouse of voices! Though it was a little touch and go when Eric asked if he could fast forward through Pinks rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I was just thinking that these singers all have something to do with witches. Well, Pink singing the most famous song from a movie with the most famous witch of cinema history. Ms. Menzel played Elphaba in Wicked (the Wicked Witch of the East) and the divine Bette played a witch in the classic Hocus Pocus.

Makes me love them more. <3

I haven’t seen any of the movies listed for best picture. I am in a serious need of feel good only movies. 12 Years a Slave and Wolf of Wall Street doing really scream happiness to me.  Only movie I had seen out of the entire Oscars was Frozen. Yay!

Tell me,

-What’s your favorite birthday dessert?

-Any goals for the new month?

-did you watch the Oscars? What was your favorite part?

-did you participate in the great twitter crash of 2014?

-Can anyone tell me what kind of duck I saw on my run? I think it might be Chinese??


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Erica { } March 3, 2014 at 11:27 pm

Your Mom sounds like mine (I think I have two pictures of her from the last 10 years!)

The yoga hike sounds amazing! I keep dreaming of taking a yoga ‘vacation’ to Kripalu someday.


Alysia @ Slim Sanity March 4, 2014 at 12:34 am

Ice cream!!! :) not any new goals this month really. Just trying to lean out for wedding!


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