Marathon Training Week 8

by Mexigarian on October 15, 2013

Holy sh*t!

Last week was halfway through marathon training time. This is getting real folks. Wow.

photo 1qqqq (1) 

Monday: rest day, recover from 1/2 marathon. Yoga which was freaking heaven.

Tuesday: 6.25 miles in 1:04:34 + speed work included.

I hit the trail near work and felt pretty good. It was a little warm out there but I powered through and saw a few vultures circling over head. Fun birds to watch.  

photo 1ppp

M1:10:45, M2: 10:21, M3: 9:58, M4: 9:52, M5: 9:46, M6: 10:01 last quarter was 14:45 because my stupid phone wouldn’t unlock and I couldn’t stop the timer. ha.

Wednesday: nothing. paint.

Thursday: 6.07 miles 1:07 11:03 avg pace

Early morning run in which I took it easy. It was supposed to be speedwork but I wasn’t really feeling it.

M1:12:02, M2: 11:19, M3: 11:38, M4: 10:24, M5: 10:56, M6: 10:02

I enjoyed it for what it was and even got to see some Halloween decor set up in the neighborhood. One house had a life size Michael Myers, knife in hand, hanging on their screen door and I stopped to take a picture of it. As soon as I got a house away I heard some noise, looked behind me and the door to the house had opened and a man was standing in the eerie shadows of the flickering porch light.

photo 4ppp

I ran my way out of the neighborhood 🙂

I also found two one dollar bills on the road home. Completely random. The first one was an awesome find. When I found the second, I started wondering where this trail of money was heading and wanted to follow. haha. Didn’t find anything else on the run home, but that was fun.

photo 1qqqq

Friday: 5 miles easy 5.02 miles  54:52, avg pce 10:56

Another morning run. nothing too noteworthy, except I noticed a small ache in my right foot on the outside. My pace was all over the place:

M1:11:40, M2: 10:56, M3: 11:47, M4: 10:38, M5: 9:30

 photo 5ppp

Saturday: Long run 15 miles  on schedule 15.05 2:47:29 11:08 avg pace.

Add 4 (missed miles last week) then 1 more for full 5. 5.02miles 53:21 time 10:38 avg pace

Yep, I went 20 miles. The whole shee bang:

M1: 11:18

M2: 10:13

M3: 10:12

M4: 10:03

M5: 10:31

M6: 10:15

M7: 10:47

M8: 11:06

M9: 11:38

M10: 11:26

M11: 14:55

M12: 11:49

M13: 14:35

M14: 9:39

M15: 9:27


M16: 10:04

M17: 10:57

M18: 10:58

M19: 11:06

M20: 10:05 

I started a little after 7:30am  and Miles 1- 4 were pretty good. Everything felt easy, warming up. Miles 5-8 things started slowing down and I noticed the ache in my foot return. I also was dealing with constant nose drippage. bah. I ended up rubbing the right side of my nose raw by the end of the run.

Miles 9-12 were tough. I started feeling a little tired and my stomach started getting queasy. Mile 10 I got to the entrance of my park and I had to pause because I was gagging on my chews. I literally had to force myself to put 2 chews in my mouth. I fought the urge to puke for a good mile and slowly the nauseous feeling wore off. I walked quite a bit here as you can see my pace at Mile 11 and paused again to stretch as my IT bands started talking.

photo 1qqqq (2)

Miles 13-16

After a cold drink from a water fountain, I was feeling better and determined to hit the end of the trail, which I did. I crossed over a creek and made my way onto another trail and soon learned that it was pretty much single track up hill to switch backs. As soon as I saw the switchbacks and the family herd of 10+ people making their way down, I decided to turn around and head in direction of home.

photo 1qqqq (3)

As soon as I got back to my beloved trail, I was feeling great. It’s all pretty much downhill, however slight, but I picked up speed and soon hit 15 miles on the nose. I quickly paused and found the 4 mile workout I was supposed to do and switched it over before continuing.

I ran out of the park and knew I was slowing down a little, but that was okay. I wanted to take the last few miles easy. I calculated that the 4 miles would get me to 19.5 miles and figured I’d might as well go for the full 20.

Miles 17-20

As soon as I hit 17, I took inventory of my body. Mentally, I was feeling strong. I could feel some tiredness in my legs, but very little IT band ache, though it was there. I continued trucking along, knowing each foot after 17 was a new PDR. I ran walked my way through 17, 18 and 19. At mile 19 is where the IT bands really started waking up but I knew I was close to home and close to my goal. I still had energy and picked spots to run to. I ran by my street, turned around at the point and then ran by my street again just as I hit the full 20.

I threw my hands in the air and first pumped my way home, grinning from ear to ear. I was amazed at the energy I had and the little soreness I had in my somewhat tired legs. I still managed to do a little dance on my front porch.

photo 1qqqq (4)

I immediately drank 1/2 a protein smoothie, then stretched and foam rolled for a good 45 minutes. I discovered some not so nice looking blisters on my toes and a chafe under my knee from my knee sleeve. Showered, changed and had breakfast at my parents.

I fueled with chews every 2 miles. I sipped from my Nuun filled Nathan hydration vest after fueling and little sips at each mile. There was no squishy feeling or liquid slogging happening at all on the run. Only that damn nausea at mile 10 and 11. Other than that, I think I fueled well overall.

Total mileage for the week: 37.41

Overall, I felt pretty damn good about this week. I was freaking flying HIGH from my 20 miler. Hello runner’s euphoria. The run alone gave me the confidence boost I need in my running. I may not be fast, but I can conquer the miles.

Whoo hoo!

The agenda this week is drop back. I have wedding festivities the entire weekend I have to attend so I will only do 8 miles as my long run. I just hope I can actually run because I have been having some serious stomach issues since Sunday morning. More details in an upcoming post.

I will build back up the following week (another insanely busy weekend) with 10 miles as a long run and then go from there with 2 big runs planned before taper 18 miles and 20-22 miles.


Tell me. . .

-How’d you’re running go this weekend?

-Run any races? Training going okay? Hit any milestones?

-Ever get that runner’s high?

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Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) October 15, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Good job on your miles! What a bad ass! That trail looks really nice to run on.

I was pretty bad last week, and I think I only did about 10? lol. Pathetic, I know…

I’ve definitely had the runner’s high. It’s SUCH a great feeling.


Mexigarian October 16, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Thanks!! The trail is fun, though I think it’s the flattest one in the park so it gets pretty crowded haha. 10 miles isn’t bad at all! I was freaking dancing when I saw 10 miles for weekly total when I first start training for my first 10k. You did 10 miles. Gloat in it 🙂


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