Evie’s Birth Story

by Mexigarian on April 16, 2015

It’s been a while since I posted. As per usual. You know how it is, you get busy with one thing or another, promising yourself to sit down and blog, carve out that special time. As I have discovered, it’s kind of hard to do now a days. Why? Well, I’m either 45+ weeks pregnant now or I gave birth over a month ago. The latter definitely happened.


I see the last time I posted I was 35 weeks pregnant. And then bloop, I fell off the face of the blogging universe. Long story short on the last portion of my pregnancy:

Everything was going fine and dandy until I went in for my 35 week appt and found out baby was breech AND I had low amniotic fluid. Danger zone is 5. I was sliding down into the 6’s. I was put on modified bed rest (I could still do job interviews, yoga etc) as long as I didn’t over exert myself but increase the level of fluid. I drank 200+ ounces a day for the remainder of my pregnancy.


Following week, my fluid levels had increased but baby still breech and I was beginning to show signs of early stages of gestational hypertension. My doctor had me monitor my BP for a while, and during that time I had prenatal chiropractor work done to help turn the baby (I also did spinning babies techniques, inversions, and moxibustion). By week 38 I was on strict bedrest (high blood pressure that would spike whenever I was on my feet) so no more exercise or inversions. At my 38 week appt, my doctor told me she wanted the baby out as soon as I hit the 39 week mark.

Luckily, baby was doing great on the non stress tests but my body was not dealing with the final leg of the pregnancy all too well. In order to get me better she wanted the baby out. I was against a c section, but it looked like I wouldn’t have a choice if baby was still breech and if the attempt to turn her externally failed. Final ultrasound check showed good fluid levels and a head down baby!

I was set to be induced March 9. Low and behold the original due date of my little girl.

I was hoping to avoid being induced and had been having early labor signs for a while, period like cramping, lower back ache and was doing what I could to help encourage my body to progress (bouncing on ball, eating pineapple and spicy food, etc), which was hard to do because my blood pressure would rise, my head would pound and I’d get dizzy anytime I wasn’t sitting or lying down.

I thought for sure things were raring to go Thursday night as the cramping (I thought were contractions) had gotten stronger, buuuuut by Friday morning they had mellowed out so nope. It wasn’t until Sunday night that things felt differently. The cramps returned and they were getting harder and lasting longer. I went to the rest room around midnight and noticed the bloody show/mucous plug loss. It didn’t mean I was going to go into full labor anytime soon, but I knew my body was at least heading in the right direction. At 3:30 am we got the phone call from the hospital to come in for inducement. Yes, you read that right 3:30 am.

I showered, quickly ate a small breakfast and off Eric and I went. The car ride over was fine, though the cramps were intensifying to something more than I had ever felt before. I felt pretty good though and walked into labor and delivery to settle into our room. I was immediately started on Pitocin and IV fluids and hooked up to the monitors. I could walk around if I wanted and even got to roll around on a birthing ball, but for the most part I laid in bed resting and focusing on breathing through the contractions.

Eric’s mom arrived at the hospital and we chit chatted a little before she went to the waiting area to chill and let me relax. My parents arrived soon after and came in and out of the room throughout the day.

For the first half of the labor I felt strong managed through the contractions, but come noon, my blood pressure was flaring high again and by 2 I knew I needed the epidural. Neither Eric nor my nurses told me to get it. They knew I wanted to go as long as I could with out it and never pressured me. It was my decision to make, knowing that it would help ease my pain and lower my BP. When I gave the word, my nurse practically tackled the anesthesiologist for me. I was crying when they prepped me for the epidural, not from the pain, but more from the mental weakness I felt. I have nothing against anyone who choses epidurals, but for me, in that moment, for my own mental being, I felt defeated and weak. I was frustrated that my body wouldn’t let me be well and just delivery without medications, so I cried out my anger and disappointment in myself during those moments. Soon after, once the epidural kicked in, I felt better and knew I made the right choice. My choice. I could still move my legs, but didn’t dare try to walk, but managed to roll around in bed without help.

Soon after, my nurse said she was going to check me and as she approached, my water broke with a loud pop! It was funny how loud it was, like a party popper on New Years. My nurse checked me and I was 5 cm dilated. She told me to get some rest, but to call them if I felt any lower body pressure. I tried to finish watching Monsters University but dozed off for a bit. The new nurse shift came in, along with a student to help and observe (I said okay for her to stay for the birth if it happened within their shift), to make sure my monitors were working properly and I asked for one more hour for rest.

Less than an hour later I paged the nurse saying I felt pressure. The nurse went to check and then gave me a look/smile and said “I believe I see the head.”

Why hello. Really? You sure?

She checked again and confirmed it was the head. She paged for my OB and asked me to do a practice push. I did and she immediately told me to stop because baby was ready to come. It was amazing to see how fast things got put in motion. Within minutes, the room was prepped, Eric had called my parents (they had gone home earlier) and ran out to his mother and brother to let them know and my OB arrived. They asked if I wanted a mirror and I was like ‘sure, what the hell’.  I did several more practice pushes until my OB told me to really get going and I did. I had to remind myself to breathe as I tucked my head and tried to watch at the same time. It was surreal.

She began her way into the world. Eric stayed by my side and my doctor told me to stop once again, to slow me down because she didn’t want me to tear (I eventually did, 1 degree, but nothing major) She gave the go ahead again and soon after felt the pressure that had knotted up in the front of my body, release  and I heard someone say “her eyes are wide open!” and she was out.

I has asked for immediate skin to skin but they couldn’t bring her to my chest because the chord was too short. We waited a few minutes until the chord slowed its pulse and Eric cut it. Only then she was placed on my chest. She laid there while my OB stitched me up and the placenta was delivered and the main nurse checked Evangeline out while she laid on me. I couldn’t see her face, her head was tucked up high under my chin, and asked Eric to take a picture of her so I can see her. He showed me and I saw her big beautiful blue eyes and I was lost.


Evangeline was born 6:54pm March 9 2015 weight 7lbs 7 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

I was flying high afterwards. We got to do skin to skin for a while, she nursed a little and she got an 8 and then a 9 on her APGAR score. Soon after little Evie was taken to the table at the end of my bed to be looked over more for weight, height, etc. with Eric by her side the entire time. He eventually called the family in. My Dad said hello to her and stood by my side as the grandma’s got to meet her. They stayed for maybe 20 minutes and left before I was transferred to recovery room.


My daughters birth didn’t go exactly has I had envisioned during pregnancy. I had been dreaming of a medication free, no interventions labor. It didn’t happen that way, and I’m okay with it. The end game is to deliver a happy and healthy baby and that’s what happened. My experience with the labor was very positive and taught me many things about letting go, accepting situations and working through them. It was such an eye opening process, one I am extremely grateful for being able to do. We got our child and love her to bits. It’s insane how much so.


Pregnancy Week 35

by Mexigarian on February 12, 2015

Holy cow. It’s been a while since I last posted. Time has gone by so fast and now I’m closing in on 40 weeks. Aaaaah! Between baby showers, family issues, looking for a new job and just plain existing, I haven’t had the chance to post. That and I’ve been lazy. I wake up with my task list and by the end of the day, blogging has been pushed back yet again.

Eric and I took a quick trip to Santa Barbara and that, my friends started the achiness, in my body. Long road trips no go after 32 weeks. We stayed active and had a great time exploring the town.


I love this picture.


Hard to peddle with a bump in the way.



After the trip I noticed some weird crampiness and went to my OB office when I found out I had a UTI. –sigh- Went on antibiotics for a week and assuming it went away. I hope. The Weekend getaway was definitely needed as it was nice to just get away from it all at home. Granted we had reality to get back to once home but little vacations like that are perfect. I know it’s going to be hard to do things like that when the little squash arrives.

Speaking of which, here’s the usual round up of questions and answers.

How far along are you? Currently, 35 weeks 3 days. Baby is the size of a honeydew melon.



The above shots were when I was 32 weeks along.


Above is 33/34 weeks.

Total weight gain: Ugh. I haven’t checked since last appointment where I gained 7lbs in 2 weeks. Let’s just say my mind was not happy.

Baby bump:   IMG_8046

I can barely squeeze into my running jacket. I officially cannot fit into my running pants or shorts (except one) and it’s getting difficult to decide what to wear besides yoga pants, maxi skirts and dresses. The maternity jeans still work, it’s just I’m far more comfy in the free flowing stuff.

Aaaaaaand I had to cave and get new bras. Only 2 since I’ll probably have to get some nursing bras later, but man, the difference helps. I need to get more sports bras since the ones I currently have are crushing me.

Sleep: Up once or twice a night to pee and it takes me a while to get comfy but maybe 6-7 hours a night?

Movement: More like rolls and slithers. The kick punching is dwindling down as she grows and has less room to shake her thang, so it looks like some sort of creature moving under a sand dune. Tremors anyone?

How have your workouts been? Water aerobics, yoga and walking. Cycling hurts. The saddle does not love me. I’ll have to get back to it after she’s born and only once I get medically cleared.


Food Cravings: Nothing. Nada. Zip. Honestly, my cravings have all vanished and I’m like ‘meh’ when it comes to food.

But then again I had this sucker the other night:


I only ate a quarter of it before I got full. Eric ended up eating the rest later on in the week.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing at this time I guess.

Stretch marks: I have spotted a few light ones. Been rubbing lotion on it, but we all know the marks are genetic. If your mama or papa have them, chances are you’ll be getting them to. Thanks parents!

I’m also still an innie if you would like to know.

How have you been feeling: Tired. Achy. Past week and a half I have been getting some weird sensations on my right side of my abdomen. One if under the bra line, closer to the center of my body near the ribs. Dull ache that can go away or get all stabby like. Some other dull and stabby feelings in the back side near my kidney and in front. I went into for blood work this week just to be sure it’s not some sort of hypertension issue or problems with my gallbladder or liver. Crossing my fingers it’s just the kid sticking her feet in my organs and pressing on them. I’ve got another appt with my OB this week so we shall see what the results are.

Best moment so far: Baby showers! Got to see family and friends for my baby shower (theme was twinkle little star and lambs) and my sisters baby shower just this past weekend (woodland theme).



From mine above.

Sisters below.



Above photo is well after the shower and we’re all exhausted and some decorations have been taken down.

Our little sister organized and planned both showers and with help from my mom, in laws and family, managed to set things up and throw some lovely parties.

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting our little girl in a month’s time. Weekly appointments start next week. I don’t plan on being checked or anything and just let labor come on it’s on time. Whenever she’s ready. I just want her to stay in there until after 39 weeks, but she’ll make her appearance when she wants.

Eric was 17 days early. I was right on time. I wonder what she’ll be.

My sister is due a few days after me so the family is placing bets who will deliver first.

Anything else: Nope.

Hope everyone is doing well. I know I should post more with things other than pregnancy, but honestly, nothing much else is going on. I do plan on working on the nursery this weekend. It’s been a mess.


Part of the insanity.

So a lot of house cleaning planned for the weekend along with walking and yoga.

Tell me, how are things with you? Anyone get Presidents Day off? Any fun plans?

Hope you have a great remainder of your week!


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