Marathon training recaps and life changes. . .

by Mexigarian on July 7, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Did you all survive the holiday weekend? We did. Barely. Eric and I got hit with a nasty case of stomach bug or food poisoning yesterday and we were both down for the count ALL day Sunday.


Lando kept us company.

I was supposed to do my last long run yesterday, 20-22 miles, and I woke up at 4am. Well, not because I was getting ready to run, except to the bathroom. My body was like ‘alert! alert!’. Between the dizziness and painful nausea, it was immediately apparent I was in no shape to run. I dragged myself to the living room and planted myself on the couch. Eric joined me several hours later and we spent the remainder of the day sprawled on the sofa, with intermittent trips to the bathroom and to the kitchen for edible sustenance.

Other than that, it was a good week. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on July 3rd and went over the hilly to Scotts Valley for 4th of July festivities with friends.


Running wise, I have whittled my training down to 3x a week, but my pace is still not up to par with what it had been.

Here’s what I have been up to since drop back several weeks ago:

June 14: 7.02 miles 1:13:25  10:27 pace   I only did ONE run in my drop back week.

June 16: 7.42 miles 1:12:26  9:45 pace (surprising pace! below is a gorgeous view I saw on my run)


June 19: 7.44 miles 1:16:19  10:15 pace

June 21: 14.04 miles 2:44:01 11:41 pace (I felt pretty bad the majority of run. I had to sit for 10 minutes just to catch my breath and mentally gather myself. if it wasn’t for this one lady I ended up following/rabbit on the trail, I would have called it quits and wouldn’t have pushed)


June 25: 8.65 miles 1:26:29  10:00 pace

June 27: 8.05 miles  1:21:05  10:04 pace

June 29: 18.19 miles 3:28:38 11:28 pace (I managed to run nonstop the first 8 or so miles and then crashed and burned afterwards. The hills didn’t help.)

July 2, 10.26 miles 1:56:16   11:20 pace

July 4: 9.01 miles 1:44:17   11:34 pace


Honestly, this cycle of training has gone not according to plan. I’ve slowed down a lot and have been dizzy and nauseous on a lot of my runs. It’s like my body is rejecting the idea of running. I have been fueling and hydrating but it’s literally a struggle each and every run. It’s like I’m just going through the motions. I’m incredibly frustrated.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy the runs. I do. I really enjoy being out on my trail, hearing the birds chirp, breathing fresh air and catching sight of friendly wildlife and getting dirt on my legs. I LOVE it. I’m just losing my love for the pavement. And the summer heat isn’t working for me either.

Mentally, I’m gone. I’m not in the zone and don’t even think I can mentally handle 26.2 miles at the end of the month. I was going to use my last long run as a determining factor and well I was on the couch for the entire day. :\ I think about the hills of SF and what I experienced on the training run on the course and just feel that my brain is too negative nancy right now to deal with it.

There are some other outside factors also weighing me. One is that my father is retiring this year and closing the business. We have been slowly sorting and throwing things away, but this month he really wants to clear things up out of the building and get it ready for auctioneers etc.  I have to move my entire art studio and clear out the old office space by the end of the month. Yes, this month.

I also have to find a new job. Art doesn’t pay my bills or mortgage and the stress of getting in the remainder of my training runs is already daunting.

Major life changes and major life decisions. I may have to back out of more running goals and wipe this year up as done.

Sorry for the bum post. My head has been a whirlwind of these thoughts for about 2 weeks now and I just needed to vent.

Feeling very overwhelmed.

Tell me . . .

Have you ever been so mentally out of training that you have considered dropping out of a race? What did you decide?

How do you deal with persistent negative thoughts on runs?

How was your fourth??


SFM Training Week 5

by Mexigarian on June 9, 2014


So Week 5 is done and, to be honest, it couldn’t come at a better time. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I am soo happy about cut back in mileage this week as there are a lot of things happening (Father’s Day, Father’s birthday, art show, etc.) but enough about that. Let’s take a look at this past week of training and my all over the charts of emotions run in SF.

Monday: rest/dance class. I heard that a favorite instructor from my old dance studio was no longer going to be teaching and I just HAD to sign up to take her last class series. Of course. So I did that. Hip swaying, booty shaking and leg working dance. Lots of fun with my lack of coordination skills.

What I think I look like:



What I probably do look like:



Tuesday: Run after work. Attempt at speed work. I felt . . . okay. No where near speedy, but decent enough. The legs enjoyed the speed sessions, but couldn’t maintain the .25×12 throughout.

7.09 mi / 1:11:08 / 10:02 avg pace

Afterwards, I went to an hour yoga session in the park with some very lovely ladies. Felt soo good to be outside on my mat.


Wednesday: Grrrr. HOT day. I was mentally gone by mile 2.5. And my legs decided to be pissed. Ache in right shin, ache in right hip flexor and IT band, ache in lower back, ache in right foot. And an inkling of an ache in left hip.

I had nothing in me. I just forced myself to get miles done and did. That, and questioned why the heck I was out there when I could be in my cool studio painting.

6.3 / 1:10:34 / 11:12

Thursday: Sat on my ass and finished watching the Blacklist with Eric. The only saving grace of that show is James Spader. Seriously. The main chick pisses me off and I don’t care about her. Whine. Whine Whine. I liked some of the other characters but, yeah, won’t spoil that for those who haven’t seen the show.

Friday: Could not find the motivation to run. Went to pool after work instead. Did some easy swimming and felt a twinge in left hamstring. WTF?

Did easy water aerobics for 1 hour, hypersensitive watch on my legs.

Quickly checked out SubZero Art Festival in downtown and then went home and prepped for Saturday.

Saturday: 20 miles on schedule.

4:45 am wake up. Morning routine and out the door by 6:15. Whole drive up I was thinking “I could be running around my neighborhood right now” Great mentality, Sonia. I managed to get to Sports Basement at Crissy Field / Presidio with time to find a parking space.

Met up with the Run 365 Group and waited for things to organize. We got into pace, I decided to go into a slower pace group (than my goal pace) to keep me in check and baby my hip/itband/foot, groups 10:30-11:00/mm group did some stretching and then headed out in waves. We left about 8:30am (1/2 hour late)


The Course Preview run was literally that. We went up towards the Golden Gate Bridge (oh dear god hill!!) went under via tunnel and I was already thinking about turning back. :\ The hill just zapped all my energy. I was already dragging behind the pace group and felt dusted. I wanted to cry.

I just told myself to keep certain people in my sights so I wouldn’t get lost. I did not want to be the one runner, lost from a pace group on the streets of San Francisco. Hell no.


Amazingly enough, we ran along the same trail as I did for Zombie Runner for a bit, before turning away from the coast and in to the city towards Golden Gate Park. More hills. More cursing and falling behind. I bounced between a group of ladies from that pace group waaay ahead of us and just tried to feel okay in my relative bubble.

Made it into GGP, fell behind some more, paused briefly at an aide station (so sweet they provided aide stations for us!!) and caught up to a couple other ladies as we hit our first bathroom pitstop. I also noticed my left hip flexor starting to ache more. My right side seemed to be okay (I taped it up along with my IT band) and my right foot was aching a little. A couple minutes spent here before we were off again. I managed to hang with the pace leader bit before falling behind again on the hills.


I caught up with them at the aid station and fueled on cantaloupe, grapes and Coke. Then we took off once more. I managed to hold with the group pretty well here as we wound our way out of GGP and onto the Haight/Ashbury part of the run. I told myself not to lose them here by any means. We ran through the city, pausing at intersections/redlights and wound our way through the Mission (which was kind of scary [people laying passed out on sidewalks, at least I hoped, that’s what they were, and being yelled at by strangers]).

On this stretch I felt pretty good, confident in being able to keep up with them, despite the aches in my legs and feet, though I felt like I got a small rock in my shoe, that bugged me for a good few miles. At one stoplight I had enough time to take off my shoe and check, but no rock. I feared it was a blister forming.

We took a small detour to the Sports Basement near Bryant? Before running our way down to the coast and to ATT Park where the aid station was. I was slowing down here. It was HOT, little shade and I was getting back into a dark place mentally. Somehow I made it to the aid station and we hung there for a bit before setting off for the last 6 miles.


The last 6 I completely fell apart. I lost my pace group in the crowd around the Ferry building. I was flagging big time and could see them in the distance, weaving in and out of the crowds and I knew there was no where in hell I’d catch up to them. I was cursing myself out mentally. Thought strongly about not doing the marathon and just started crying. Crazy emotional runner alert. –sigh-

My body hurt. My legs would barely turn over. Each step was rubbing my new blister painfully and I hated the freaking crowds. I saw the bicycle cabs and wished I brought money with me so I could ride one back to my car.

And then, out of the crowds that began to thin out a little just before Aquatic Park, I saw our pace leader. I forced myself to catch up to him and said hi. The rest of the pace group had disappeared before him and he too was having a rough day. We paused to get water (by the beach where we saw people swimming and it looked soo good! I wanted to run into the water and soak for an hour) and then continued on our way together, up that evil evil hill in Fort Mason and down the stretch by the Marina Green.

I was so mentally beat, but it was encouraging talking to Steve, the pace leader. He said that after today, I would be able to conquer the marathon. (He’s done SFM 6 times!+ others!) Hearing him say that gave me a small little boost of hope that it might be possible to do it.

We picked up a couple other runners from our group and together we finished the last mile in towards SB. Steve went on to get his full 20 (though somehow I already hit my 20).

20.08 miles/ 3:44:50 / 11:14 avg pace (not including all the pit stops, which probably was 20-30 minutes total)

I arrived at SB alive. Barely. My legs hurt, the for sure blister on my foot made it painful to walk and I was just spent. I stretched a little, said my thanks to Steve (for getting me through the last 2.5 miles) and others that I saw and headed back to my car. I sticked, I took off my shoes and headed southward out of town.

After a bit of traffic in the city, out of the city and near Palo Alto to Mountain View, I managed to do an ice bath at my parents. HEAVEN. Pure unadulterated bliss. Never forsaking an ice bath.


Thoughts: I wanted to quit, I pushed myself, I wanted to cry, I had fun, I hurt, I cursed and wallowed in self pity, I said ‘fuck you SFM!!!’ and cried some more, and then I finished with a happy to be done, in pain smile.

I tell you. It was rough. Mentally. Physically. I just went through all the damn emotions. I’m scared, I’m nervous, and over all terrified of the marathon now. But. . . I think I can get through it. Maybe? Still wrapping my mind around it all.

Again, a big thanks to Run 365 for putting on the preview run. You officially scared the bejesus out of me. I’m glad to know just what I’m getting into. Big thanks to Steve for getting me through the last few miles and the aid station volunteers for being out there on a hot day to provide fuel and refreshments for us.

Total weekly mileage: 33.47

Drop back week!! YAY!!!



Tell me . . .

Have you been so mentally and physically beat on a training run that you have seriously considered not doing the race?

What got you through it?

Have you done a marathon race course preview? Did it help you in your race?

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