Hit the 26 week mark + Gender Reveal

by Mexigarian on December 8, 2014

I sit down at the computer with the intention to write a blog post on lunch break or at home on the couch, but things just keep getting in the way. Even though we are no longer manufacturing at work, we still have a lot of old paper work to get through, by which I mean shred. I have been sorting through dust covered boxes holding old invoices from the 70s. And by the time I get home, all I want to do is sink into the couch with my feet up and veg or clean like crazy and get overwhelmed and stressed by the enormity of it all.



But enough of that. Here’s a pregnancy update.

How far along are you? 26 weeks!

Total weight gain: Up another 4-5 lbs or so, about 15+lbs.  I entered the 40s and am honestly, slightly freaking out.

Baby bump:  Apparently the uterus hijacker is the size of an eggplant or the length of a large scallion [that’s what my apps say!] and weighs 2lbs.


       IMG_7611            IMG_7607

Please excuse the mess. Laundry day yesterday. Photobomb by Chloe.

Sleep: I’ve been tossing and turning a lot been getting maybe 6-7 hours average. We had a scare at Thanksgiving when I woke up around 2 am unable to breathe. I woke up on my stomach and found that I couldn’t inhale. I’ve had asthmatic like attacks similar to this in the past (mostly when I was in Hungary and I think were related more to anxiety attacks). Eric woke up in a panic and I felt so bad seeing the helplessness in his eyes as I struggled to calm myself enough to breathe. It took several moments of forcing my body to calm down and relax and I’m typing this post so obviously I started to breathe again, but it was scary.

I haven’t had any more breathing issues/attacks, but sleep has been difficult. Eric got me Babies R Us version of a snoogle to help me sleep. I think the mountain of pillows and the Great Wall was crowding him. Sleep has been slightly better, less achy and uncomfortable but still elusive in the rest department.


It looks like an earthworm. o.o;;

Movement: Some days the baby has been kicking like crazy and having raving dance parties. Other times pretty quiet and chill as it moves into a different position where I can’t feel it. Eric, his mom and brother have gotten to see and feel the baby move. My parents haven’t had the chance yet since movement mostly happens in morning and evening.

Best moment thus far: Same. Feeling the baby move and watching Eric’s reaction to it all. He told me the other day that he’s excited to meet our baby and can’t wait to see what it looks like and what the personality it. It’s sweet to see him so happy.

Oh! We went through a book of baby names and have come up with 50 names. We will whittle it down to our top 15 each, combine whatever matches and then work our way down from there. So far, my top contenders are the ones we’ve though up on our own.

How have your workouts been? Last week I only went to water aerobics and pre natal yoga. The week before was water aerobics, lots of walking, yoga and hiking.



So it seems like every other week I get awesome workouts in and the next it’s pfft. I feel so much better after my workouts, but also feel very tired. I miss running. Darn my hips.

Food Cravings: Hmm. Not sure. I’ve always had crazy cravings and haven’t really noticed a difference in them. The other day I got fried pickles. Something I would have ordered anyways, pregnant or not. And lots of pasta. Salty chips. Loads of sweets (going to the candy store in Los Gatos was a bad idea) and kale. Yes. I was missing kale and have been adding it to my smoothies sautéing them to mix with dinner. Oh and burgers. I love my burgers.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Poultry. Not just chicken but turkey and other birds. There was talk of having a Christmas duck or goose and just the thought kind of makes me gag. I’m fine if the chicken is hidden under loads of curry, but still…

Gender: See bottom of post.


Symptoms: Hmm… for the most part I’ve been feeling alright. I’ve got the achy hips and lower back, and itchy boobs, but other than that, okay so far (knock on wood). Yoga helps with most of the aches and pains, but wow, if I don’t stretch out I feel it badly. My hips are a BIG issue for me. Hence the no running Sad smile

How have you been feeling: I feel pretty good mentally most of the time. But the other day I caught sight of myself in the mirror and coupled with the weight gain it was a blow to my self esteem. I’m going to be brutally honest with you. I don’t feel like me. I don’t look like me and it jars me. I don’t like that I look huge with or without my clothes on and the number on the scale frightens me. It’s unnerving to see my body transform into something unrecognizable to me.


I know. I know. I’m pregnant. I’m growing a baby inside my body. Eric tells me I look perfectly fine, loves me etc, but it’s hard for me mentally. I’m taking each day at a time and reminding myself every day that my body change is only temporary and so very worth it to provide a safe and healthy environment for our baby, and hell I willingly signed up for this experience.

Am I enjoying the experience? 98% of me screams yes! I’m happy to be pregnant and like I said before, am in awe of the whole process. It’s just that very strong 2% where my disordered issues reside is what pisses me off. It pushes me towards a dark place I don’t want to go and I hate the fact that it’s even there.

Sorry for the little downer. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns around here. I feel guilty for feeling like that, but that’s just the way it is. And I know that it’s okay to feel like that once in a while, as long as I don’t dwell on it too much. Acknowledge, feel bad a bit and move on. Today is a new day and I already feel better about things.

What I’m looking forward to: My appointment next week. I love hearing the heartbeat. Finishing up the damn registry. I forgot to add three items to it when I was at the store over the weekend so I’ll just have to update it online somehow. I completely spaced on getting a mattress for the crib. Oiye. I have fallen in love with the Bob jogging stroller. I can’t wait to get it and take it for a spin with the little once when it’s able to be in it safely.

Anything else: I took the glucose screening test last week. The cold flat orange soda, chug within 5 minutes and wait for an hour before blood drawing thing. It wasn’t bad at all really. I was afraid of how I’d react to all the sugar, but surprisingly, no ill side effects. I was actually tired after it all, just sitting around and waiting bored me.  I haven’t heard the results from my doctor yet, but no news is good news, right?

As for the baby’s sex. . .  well, we found out at the NT scan at about 18 or 19 weeks. Oct 13 on my birthday.





We are having a girl.

And by the way she’s been kicking, she’s hopefully going to have some strong legs on her. Future runner? Waterpolo player? Soccer player? Only time will tell, and Eric and I are so very excited to meet her in March.

Thanks for hanging around and reading the pregnancy update. I promise you (double dog promise) I will update again that won’t have the baby as the main theme. More other life stuff and my thoughts on food and running Smile

Hope you are all having a great Monday. Here’s to a good week!


Life and Pregnancy Update post

by Mexigarian on November 18, 2014

So it’s been a while since my last post. As it seems to be the norm around here. Life got crazy busy in October (as it usually does) and I was so wiped out from the events I did, I just went into a state of hibernation. I’ve only worked on one painting since October and it was a commissioned pet portrait.


Not bad. But now I’m itching to get back to the easel and get to work on some ideas and experiment.

Let’s see, I did three art festival/Day of the Dead events in October. My birthday happened (turned 31), the Giants won the World Series and I hung out at home giving candy and gummy treats to trick o treaters. Work’s been busy. Still organizing. Still cleaning. Still getting ready for the auction that has been pushed back several times.


And Eric was just diagnosed with shingles this past Friday. Yeah. Shingles. The first question everyone in the family asked was ‘But isn’t that for old people?’ Apparently not. Teenagers get it too, and Eric’s body decided to let it pop up right in the middle of my pregnancy and the weekend of my family’s Thanksgiving.

We are both on medication, since one of the first things that comes up about shingles is stay away from pregnant women and old people! He’s had some pain and the sores/pox/bumps are only located on his head, but we are vigilant in looking out for any that might appear elsewhere. He’s been sleeping in the guest room to keep me as safe as possible in case it does decide to spread. We’re okay. He caught it early so it’s not insanely bad like some of the photos I saw when I googled it. I warn you not to google it unless you want nightmares.

All in all life has been pretty good. Though I am still stressing on finding a new job before baby comes in March part (holy shit, how am I going to pay bills anxiety). Not much else really, besides that, so let’s talk about that.


How far along are you? If I go by one date I’m 24 weeks. If we go by ultrasound date I’m 23 weeks. In any case, I am due sometime in March. So right now, the baby will be somewhere between the size of a mango and an ear of corn and weigh about a pound. According to my pregnancy apps.

Total weight gain: This is a little scary for me. I have dealt with body image and weight issues in the past so it’s unnerving to see the number rise on the scale. According to my calculations, I’m up 7-8lbs from my starting weight. I had lost some weight in the first tri due to nausea and dizziness, but all that went away with the start of the second tri. I’m honestly nervous about seeing the number climb higher and my body get bigger.

I know it’s for the best though. And as long as I’m on track, not gaining too much too quickly and the doctor approves, I think I’ll be okay. I know I’m only going to get bigger, cuz duh, baby needs to grow and that’s what is getting me through most days in this sense. Make sure I’m as healthy as possible, so baby is healthy as possible. It’s not as bad as I make it out to seem, it’s just one of those things. . .

Baby bump: I haven’t taken any baby bump pictures really so there’s not much to compare to from earlier weeks. Here’s a random one I did for Eric’s godmother. 22/23 weeks in the photo.


For the longest time, people couldn’t tell I was pregnant. But, I think it got bigger over the past week. I feel bigger. My jeans don’t fit any more and even being in yoga/stretchy pants is a tad uncomfortable. I haven’t broken down and gotten maternity clothes (that I have kept), but I think I will have to this week. 

Sleep: Okay at times. I can’t seem to get comfortable lately and have been tossing and turning. Occasionally getting up to use the restroom, but nothing urgent thankfully. I try to get my full 8 hours but seem to get sporadic 6 or 7.

Movement: Yeah, the baby’s moving. I started feeling little flutters, bubbles or popcorn popping like feelings in my belly around 20 weeks and they really picked up in week 21. I freaked when I saw my stomach move. The little alien has been moving around a lot. Most active in the evenings when the thumps and protrusions of my belly happen. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s strange, but interesting to experience. Thinking about it blow my mind really. This little being inside my uterus, growing, moving. It’s mind boggling how the human body works, adjusts, and grows.

Best moment thus far: Eric got to feel the baby move. He had his hand and head lightly pressed against my belly and it kick/punched him in the cheek. He loved it.


The cats and Lando also love laying as close as possible to me now. They seem to argue who gets to be in my lap. Lando settled for resting on my shins since Gambit and Chloe were up on my lap and side.

How have your workouts been? Sporadic. I was busy most of October and have been doing water aerobics off and on. I haven’t run since early October either. I’ve tried, but it’s been uncomfortable. Especially with my ligament and IT band pain. Even walking pisses off my right leg sometimes. I was hoping to be able to be one of them fit moms that can workout and run half marathons with no worry throughout pregnancy but that’s just not how it is for me. I’m grateful for what I can do now, and honestly, the thought of running a mile with this belly does not sound fun.

November I promised myself to be more active. I’ve been to cycle/spin (oh goddess the saddle hurts), started prenatal yoga and even did a regular vinyasa class (modified of course). I’ve been walking in short sessions and do some light weights but that’s about it. Work keeps me busy so I am active that way. I’ll be heading back to water aerobics and try to get some more swimming in. That and I want to go on little hikes with Eric. I sure miss the trails though. Sad smile I would love to run them, but hiking is just as good. I just got to drag Eric away from the house and his nesting. 


Chloe looking like she should be sitting on a nest somewhere.

How did you tell your families? We waited until the 8 week mark, saw my doctor, had an ultrasound got pictures of the peanut. Heck, I would have waited until the end of the first tri if I could, but working with my dad, and taking time off for drs appts, he was getting suspicious and worried which led to my mom call me. So we had to reveal. I had gotten some cute signs on Etsy (one saying Grandma and Grandpa, where’s cousins go to be best friends) [my older sister is pregnant as well, and announced a week or two before Eric and I did. She about two weeks behind me in pregnancy] So if grandparent’s wasn’t a giveaway and the cousin part recognized, Eric slowly handed a picture to my mom as she read the sign and then she screamed. In joy I presume. My dad was a little clueless, my mom smacked his arm and then it dawned on them both we were having a baby.

Similar to how we told my parents, we went to see Eric’s mom the following day and gave her a giftwrapped sign. Eric’s Plan A attempt didn’t work, so Plan B was the etsy sign. ‘Best thing about having you as a mom, is my child having you as a grandma’.  Attached to the back was a picture of the ultrasound. For the win. And my brother in law was there too so he got to share in the news. Everyone was happy.

We told his grandparents, godmother and aunt and that was it. He has a small family. I met up with my older sister Maria to tell her in person, and Facetimed my little sister Victoria and she burst out crying. She’s over the moon about being an aunt to two babies. We told friends and family at the end of the first tri/beginning of the second tri. And still it seems people are finding out. Facebook doesn’t reach all people. lol.

Do you know the sex? Yes, we do. I’m going talk about it next update. Any guesses?

Food cravings or aversions: Hmmm.. cheese? No real cravings. I’ve always had strange cravings and they haven’t really changed. Early on though I couldn’t stand the thought of chicken. And dare I say chocolate? Yeah, it was a sad week. But it has been resolved now and I pretty much eat anything right now, though salads aren’t my number one choice at all.


Best pancakes ever. Banana walnut. So yummy.


I love my brussel sprouts. I can’t get enough.

How have you been feeling? Tired. Large. Slothlike. Mentally, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this whole pregnancy thing. I know it’s happening. I see the physicality of it and feel it, but in a way I feel detached from it. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I am in awe of the baby growing inside me and freaking amazed at my body’s transformation and it’s natural progression. But, I feel like I should be oohing and aahing and talking about being connected to my little one and being in tears with joy yayda yada yada, but to be honest, it hasn’t hit me that way. I’m happy the baby is healthy thus far, and things are going well overall. I just haven’t been hit with the maternal love stick yet.

What I am really excited for though is seeing Eric as a father. I know he will be an amazing father as he is already a wonderful son, husband and friend. That brings tears to my eyes. Thinking, imagining him holding our baby for the first time and being wrapped around its little finger. I think I look forward to that most. Seeing him interact with the baby and being a Dad. Ah. My heart aches.


Okay, so I think that sums up the first half of the pregnancy. I’ll try to update more as the weeks progress, but we shall see how that goes. Lemme know if you want to know anything else.

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far.




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