by Mexigarian on September 24, 2014


The season of change is upon us. It’s fall people. It feels like fall. Cool chilly mornings, a little bit of heat during the day and gentle winds in the foothills swirling leaves all over our driveway in the evening. Eric is actually considering putting away the AC unit and getting the firewood ready. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a nice wet fall and winter. We NEED it here in CA.

The markings of the new season are here. Halloween décor is popping up in the neighborhood [I can’t wait to decorate! favorite time of the year] and pumpkin recipes are popping up everywhere on my social media feed. Heck, I even made some yummy pumpkin banana bread the other week.


Yes, I promise you a recipe! I’m going to make it one more time this week to make sure the pure yumminess of what I made wasn’t a fluke. Winking smile

As we move into fall, I can’t help but think of what I was doing last year.

This time last year I was in the middle of marathon training for CIM, trying to balance art projects and work. Somehow I did it. I honestly don’t know how, but I made it work. I loved running in the cool, dark, fall mornings.

But like the seasons, life changes. In so many ways. Good ways, hard ways, challenging ways and ones that take us by surprise. Things differ from week to week, month to month and year by year.

This year I am struggling to get out the door to run, but loving every minute of my little 2-3 mile jaunts that I can do (few and far between). I’m planning on my trail running soon, or at least hikes. I can’t wait to get out in the dirt and just breathe. I’m actually aiming to do a 5k or 10k or two before the end of the year. I’ve been eyeballing Brazen Racing’s New Year’s runs and it looks like a fun way to close and start a new year (dear god did I already just start talking about new year’s?? eeep!)

I am staying active! I’m cross training a bit with swimming, water aerobics and even did some cycling.

Have you ever been to Soul Cycle? That was a LOT of fun. I went to the one up in Palo Alto. I met up with some local TIU community ladies and we all got a great workout. We even did some light weight work! High energy, fun, enthusiastic instructor Bea, and just an overall great experience. That being said, I live in the south bay and trying to drive up north in the afternoon/evening is not fun. It’s not feasible for me to do SC all the time, but maybe every couple months or so.

My dad is closing his business towards the end of the year, so the task of sorting through all the extra material, tooling, old parts and such has been put upon my coworker (aunt) and I. Instead of being busy cleaning new parts for customers, we’re getting rid of old ones from over ten years ago. It’s been challenging for my dad, since this business is his baby, but he’s in his mid 70s and it’s time he retires and enjoys the world. He’s ready for it.

I’ve just got to look for a new job once we’re closed completely. Ah well. Change is what it’s all about.

I’m still doing my Dia de los Muertos festivals. Hard at work in the majority of my free time, getting new paintings done for upcoming shows. Here’s one that I recently finished:


If you would like updates on my artwork, please check out my artist facebook page or follow on my artist instagram.

More evident of change is sorting through my grandmother’s old glassware. It’s been over a year since she passed, and the thought hurts, but the ache lightens each time. With the familia telling stories and memories coming back to the forefront of the mind when seeing unburying a glassware we hadn’t seen in ages, it was healing. And fun.


We also uncovered my Wela’s secret stash of alcohol. More likely used for offerings than drinking (she wasn’t a big drinker) it was still funny coming across it and everyone laughing over it. And as always, it was great spending time with family. We still got a lot to look through at my grandma’s house, so I’m sure more unheard stories will come to light.

Speaking of light, damn it’s dark in the morning. Granted, I’ve been sleeping in until 6 and things were still a light out, but once the autumn equinox hit, it was like boom! dark until 6:30 am. It makes trying to get out of bed to go for a run just a tad bit harder.

It makes it harder when we got a new bed a couple weeks ago and it’s just so. damn. cozy. We saved up some money, bit the bullet with a payment plan and went with Tempurpedic. It’s like sleeping on a freaking cloud. That and it’s a CA King. Ever since my parents got a CA king bed, many years ago when we were still children, I dreamt of having one of my very own. It didn’t take much convincing for Eric to agree, but we waited until we could afford it. We’ve been sleeping in his old college bed, full mattress, for the last 5 years (he had it for 9) and now I can finally starfish in the bed without hitting Eric. It’s that big. And now our room is tiny, but eh.

Now to save up money for the new fridge or garage door, circa sometime next year. There I go again.

Speaking of sometime next year. . .


For now. . . I’m going to enjoy the fall and the season of change.

Happy Fall everyone!


My last long run. . .

by Mexigarian on September 5, 2014

photo 4

Well. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Last time I posted was waaaaaay back in July and I was still training for SFM. For those that follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you know that I did not run the marathon. Nor either of the halves.

Let’s rewind a bit. The last major run I completed was a long run of 14 miles on July 13. It started off in the cool morning. I fueled properly before hand, had my hydration pack and plenty of fuel to get me through. I did my usual warm up but as soon as I started running my right hamstring felt very odd and off. I figured I just needed to warm up some more and took it easy the first mile.

By mile 4 hamstring was still acting the fool and I was feeling ill. Cue dizziness and nausea. I had to slow down, walk and even had to sit down. I was pissed at my body, but forced myself to carry on. I got to my favorite trail and felt alright, but no where near perfect.  My hamstring got worse each mile and really yelled at me on downhills. The nausea and dizziness did not leave and several times I had to stop and sit as I fear the blackness on the edge of my vision would engulf me. Dramatic, yes, but I’ve fainted about 5 times in my life and that blackness scares me.


I slowly ran the last few miles home in pain and sick. I rested my legs, did gentle stretching a foam rolling but the hamstring was not having it. I made the decision on the trail that I wasn’t going to do the full. I had to cross my fingers that I could even do the half if my body felt up to it. Long story short, it didn’t. 

I attempted a short run the week of the marathon but body said hell to the f*ck no and I threw in the towel. Eric was proud of my decision, as he had been worried about me even considering racing when he knew of all the problems I had been having while running. He didn’t feel it to be safe for me and I agreed. As much as I wanted an SFM medal, it just wasn’t worth further injury or fainting on the course.

And I haven’t run since then.

Like, not a single mile.

My running shoes are collecting dust in the closet and my Bia still reads my last long run with an average pace nearing 14 minute mile. I haven’t bothered to change it no matter how much it irks me. I know 14mm isn’t bad at all. Just compared to where I had been and my overall SFM training, my pace just decided to get funky and go the opposite direction of where I was working for.

It’s not that I’ve been avoiding running. I got sick, been busy as all hell here at work, had/have art to get done, sick again and my lungs are taking the brunt force of this cold (I can barely walk one block or up one flight of stairs without wheezing and feeling dizzy). My coughing fits have lasted nearly 3 weeks. Lovely congestion of the chest in the morning and dry coughs at night. They’re especially bad when I talk, eat and in the evening for some reason.

But this post isn’t all about complaining (sorry if it seems that way), but I’m still looking at the 14 minute mile and wishing that I am even close to that right now. I’m telling you I will get back to the trails and getting scared by deer and rabbits and watching the sunrise over the hills. It’s just going to take me a while.

Since I am starting to feel better, coughing fits are slowly decreasing in duration of length, still annoying as hell though, I want to do at least one mile this weekend. Walk, run, whatever. I am going to get my butt back out the door and slowly (key word here) build my cardio back up.

I honestly miss being active. When I haven’t been sick, I managed to get to water aerobics, but it just isn’t the same. Being outdoors in the dirt (sans the heat) is zen for me. So getting back out there is a priority for me. I’ll listen to my body, take all the cues and keep it slow and just work up to it again and accept the pace I run because hell, at least I’ll be out there doing something I love.

It won’t be pretty, but it sure as hell will be worth it.

And here’s Lando begging for cantaloupe just because. . .

photo 5


Tell me . . . have you ever been sidelined from running due to illness, injury or too much going on in life?

Have you done any fun races recently?  Ran on any new trails?

Any local 14 minute milers out there want to run together? I promise to try and keep up.


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